Since 2008, Greenairgy Solutions providing best quality virgin plastics and ultramarine blue products in competitive rates, which are widely used and accepted around the globe in various applications.

Greenairgy solutions believe in green today and eco future. Our most of the products are 100% eco friendly, bio-degradable and non-hazardous by nature, adding our raw material into your product gives strength, quality and competitiveness to end products.

Our products are mainly used in plastics, ceramic, cement, rubber, cosmetic, textile, coatings and paint, artistic colour industries.



Virgin Plastic Granuels

We fabricate a premium quality of Virgin Plastic Granules for our wide clientele. These Granules are available with washed Pet flakes that further find vast applications in many industrial products


Ultramarin Blue

Greenairgy is a company specialized in manufacturing of Ultramarine Blue sell all kinds of dyes and pigments used in various industry sectors such as plastics, food, pharmaceutical.